The love for sports is stronger than all obstacles

Her parents threatened to kill her, but she still plays football.

The love for sports is often stronger than all obstacles, even the biggest ones, and there are special examples when it means the fight for a better life and future.

Azize Aj, a 48-year-old woman from Turkey who could not play football as a child due to rigorous family rules, has finally realized her dream.

She lived in very unusual conditions – her mother married her brother, ie her uncle, in the town of Karachi, where it was not unusual for incestuous marriages to exist.

Her father is a former lower league football player and she herself says that she inherited her love and talent for this sport from him, but she never got a chance to play.

“I couldn’t be a football player, and I didn’t even want to get married. “I got married at the age of 40, I wanted to be the head of the village,” said Azize.

Until the moment when the leaders of the local club Diyarbakir decided to visit her and offer her the opportunity to play football, even though she is 49 years old.

“I grew up in the village and have been shooting the ball since I was six. I always played with the ball, once I wanted to go on the field, but my parents wouldn’t let me. Now I am very happy, even though I am 48 years old, I feel like I am 17-18 “.

However, the story behind it all is much more difficult than many can imagine, as she did not suffer only from her desire to coach football.

“Since my mother married my uncle, my brothers and sisters went to school because of them. I was sent to take care of them, but they did not allow me to continue my education after primary school. ”

Mrs. Aj, who is a big fan of the Fenerbahce football club, so much that she wanted to sew a wedding dress in yellow and blue, lived through several difficult moments with her mother and uncle.

“My uncle did not allow me to train. I wore a jersey every day and went out. I was not allowed to play with men, so I often sat on a horse and wandered alone, with the ball in my hand. I even packed a bag once and said I was going to a club. My parents told me they knew the address, that they would find me and kill me if I did. I told them to bury me under the corner flag “, concluded Azize Aj.

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