Mobile website design for businesses

What are the different features used in mobile website design for businesses?

Before starting any mobile website design it is important to understand the user experience. While many preach that people are just looking for information the truth is that people are also wanting an experience.

Let’s face it most new mobiles are not cheap and to see just plain text etc is disappointing.

Mobile website design is about incorporating some different features and using the various abilities in mobile web design to provide both information and an experience.

Reviewing the desktop site for the mobile website design.

The first thing to do when setting up your mobile web design is to quickly look for key elements in the desktop site.

For example, most people viewing a mobile site on their phone will want to be able to contact the business so things like phone numbers, directions, etc should be gathered.

People also love discounts so any vouchers, discounts, or coupons are great to add to your mobile website design.

Remember that people do not read a lot on mobiles so you do not need to add all the text just pull out any relevant information.

Finally any youtube videos etc can be nice to add in a separate page.

Gather all this information together then you are ready to start your mobile website design.

Mobile Website Design Layout

Your mobile website design layout can be anything you like however it is a good idea to retain a similar color and design layout as the main page.

Mobile Website Design tip 1 – The Header: like any website, the header can convey the overall theme of the website and should be optimized for quick loading. You can also incorporate a tap-to-call link in it for quick contact in the mobile website design element.

Mobile Website Design tip 2 – Above The Fold: this is the area that the visitor first sees when they visit the site and typically is about 480 pixels so again we should have the phone number as most modern mobiles today will be able to pick it up.

A good introduction and navigation structure are also good to have in this area and a good mobile website design will let the visitor find what they want quickly.

Mobile Website Design tip 3 – First Page: try and keep the front page to just basic information so it loads quickly. Avoid media and maps. If they have a coupon or special offer this is also good to add to the front page which can then be utilized using QR Code promotions.

Mobile Website Design tip 4 – Other Pages: don’t have too many pages. Try and keep the content conscience hitting the main points about the business, products, and services.

Mobile Website Design tip 5 – KISS: remember to use the keep it simple principle so you provide a great experience while also providing relevant information

Mobile Website Design Tracking

The final part of the process is to make sure you add something like Google Analytics to each page so you can then track what the visitors are looking at and get information about your visitor’s actions.


So that’s the basics of mobile website design. Obviously, depending on the client you will add more or less functionality. You can also use online products like Big Commerce to allow you to provide a complete mobile shopping experience for your clients.

Business Mobile Website training course will help you develop simple but effective mobile websites for your customers plus help you with other aspects of mobile website design.

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