Enjoy An Active Lifestyle Through Sports!

The Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana Sports Program (RHISP) serves hundreds of people who participate in an array of recreational and competitive activities. Our sports programs are always evolving with new sports and activities each year.

From beep baseball to wheelchair racing, quad rugby, and wheelchair basketball, whatever your physical disability, RHISP offers sports opportunities for you. Our Mission: to provide competitive and non-competitive athletic opportunities to individuals with physical disabilities to enhance their quality of life, promote physical fitness, introduce recreational and wheelchair sports, and challenge participants to perform at a competitive level.


RHI Sports specializes in serving youth and adults with the spinal cord, orthopedic, neuromuscular, and visual impairments. Specially designed equipment is available for many of the activities. Handcycles, racing chairs, tennis chairs, water skies, and adaptive golf carts enable our participants to enjoy activities comfortably and safely.

RHISP boosts 15 sports teams and conducts approximately 25 athlete development programs throughout the year; resulting in around 20,000 program hours to over 300 athletes and their families each year. Over the past decade quad rugby, wheelchair basketball, power soccer, water skiing, track and swimming, beep baseball, wheelchair tennis, wheelchair fencing, archery, hand cycling, and racing have all grown into staple programs of RHI Sports. In addition, families enjoy weekend activities like rowing, horseback riding, sailing, scuba diving, rock climbing, and water skiing.


RHI Sports is committed to providing more than just the provision of recreation services to its clients. The sports program believes that sports, recreation, and leisure play important roles in the intrinsic motivation of people with disabilities to re-enter the workforce, develop strong social skills, and improve levels of physical fitness. Dignity is the cornerstone of RHI Sports. Providing clients opportunities to engage in challenging experiences where they may succeed or fail based on their own abilities, leisure attitudes, and athletic prowess is what identifies RHI Sports as a life-changing community program. Feel free to visit to learn more about – Gramhir


Since 2005, RHI Sports has been identified by USA Paralympics as an official Paralympic Sport Club (PSC).  Paralympic Sport Clubs are community-based programs developed to involve youth and adults with physical and visual disabilities in sports and physical activity, regardless of skill level. All programs and activities will be based in the community and are run by the local organization. Through its partnership as a PSC, the RHI Sports Program has sent multiple athletes and coaches across the country and around the world for education, training, and competition.

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