Starting Small Business With A Product And Service You Have In Mind

You may be familiar with certain products and services, or you have connections to get the products and services that interests you. Discover the secrets of starting small business

Starting small business ideas can mean just a simple career advancement of being in a job to being self-employed. You may provide services like accounting, photography, business counselling etc…

Or starting small business with products you have like self-made handicrafts, people who can make little ornaments for you, or you can simply get any product.

Business Idea Possibilities

  • Work from Home/ freelance
  • Having an outlet or office
  • Working online

Some people says working from home is the best thing, whilst there are some who just hated it. So which is better?

It really depends on your desired lifestyle and preferred working style. Mothers who does not want to loose out on what happens in their family life would find that working from home is a great arrangement. Some says they get to put more time in the business as they get to fill up all the ‘in-between times’. However, some people find it less productive as they are constantly distracted from doing what they are supposed to do.

Nevertheless, it is not a really big problem if you learn some techniques of enforcing discipline yet having lots of freedom to lead the lifestyle you desire when starting small business.

You cannot escape the need for utilising the internet to turn that small business ideas to big business returns!

There are now very few businesses that needs to have a brick and mortar presence these includes medical related like dental or surgery. Nevertheless, many customer still prefers to visit a retail outlet or the office for the interaction that they get and the convenience that they can walk in anytime and not need to make appointments.

If your greatest strength is with people like a star personality profile, being an extrovert and love the attention of people, having a retail outlet like a boutique is not only invigorating it amplifies your strength.

Can you imagine just being behind the scene?

Nevertheless, with an outlet, you need to evaluate the location of your shop critically as it would critically affect the customer traffic you get. Hence, you may have to pay premium price for a good location. Presence is the key!

On the other hand, working from home has a low start up cost and does not require much monthly maintainence expenditure.

… Whether you decide to have a business premise or to work from home?

… Whether you are a people person or likes working in the background?

In this day in age, you cannot escape the need for utilising the internet to turn that small business ideas to big business returns!

So what is all this facination about taking the online approach?

The online infrastructure has a major power booster for your business…

  • Expand your customer base: the success of any business is the ability to have volumes of customers. In the past, the success of the business is confined to the location of the shop. People need to see your presence in shopping malls or you are forgotten.
    With online, you can attract the world of customers to your shop online even if you are just in a little island off the carribean!
  • Cost: Traditionally, to create the necessary awareness for your product, companies spend millions to get their brands advertised. However, in the online world, it only cost pennies to create the awareness to millions!
  • Automatic business: if your business is only working with you working. You can change all that today! Moving your business online puts system to your business. You can automate your replies, your transactions, your orders etc. All this done even whilst you are on holiday in a Greek Island.
  • Educate your customers: have you ever had customers looking at your face whilst you try to explain about your product? It is repetious work and sometimes you do wish to have some visual representation to make it clearer for them. Why not do it online?

Do you realize this…?

There is one important factor that will get customers

… convinced

… on your side

… to like you

Customers need to like you! It is how much you know about your product and service. You must be able to quickly demonstrate you are the expert in your field.

Hence, we have to accept that we are an educator and we need to share that knowledge we have. With online business, you have can even earn money sharing this information without having the customers to pay.


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