Some Health Advice You Should Follow

It’s normal when you take some action to protect your health that maybe no one tells you to do that or event you don’t intend to do. We are talking about something “uncool.” But let’s take a look at a few of her admonitions.

Eat your veggies. Did you ever have to sit at the table until you ate all your green beans or your peas? Mom was right You need them. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, the health benefits of a diet rich in vegetables and fruits include Lower blood pressure; reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, and probably some cancers; lower risk of eye and digestive problems; and a mellowing effect on blood sugar that can help keep appetite in check. source when you’re young you don’t consider any of these as problems that have anything to do with you but there will come a time when you will wish you had listened to mom and finished those veggies and asked for seconds.

Turn the TV off now – You need your sleep. Well, she was right again. The facts are that:

Sleep makes you smarter. When you sleep, your brain gets a chance to digest and process information from the previous day. Missing this processing time can prove to be costly.

Sleep Boosts the Immune System. If you get the right amount of sleep per night (7-8 hours), your body will be able to fight off infections and diseases much easier.
Sleep Improves Appearance. Skin, muscle, blood, and brain regeneration happens during the sleep cycles. If you deprive your body of this necessary regeneration, your skin will begin to age and under your eyes will appear dark circles

You kids go out and play so you can get some fresh air and sunshine. Do I have to say it? She was right once more.

Sunshine is the best source of vitamin D. And vitamin D is essential for bone density
Sunshine reduces depression by stimulating the production of endorphins,
Sunshine dilates the blood vessels and increases circulation and better circulation means better healing of skin diseases and conditions. This also lowers blood pressure.
Sunshine increases the production of red and white blood cells and therefore strengthens the immune system
Being out in the fresh air and sunshine creates a more active lifestyle. This allows you to maintain a consistent weight, and all those other great benefits that exercise bring with it.

Drink plenty of water. “No sodas for you unless you drink some water first, young man,” and she was right. When the body gets the water it needs to function optimally, it’s fluids are perfectly balanced. When this happens, you have reached the “breakthrough point.” What does this mean? This means that:

Endocrine-gland function improves.
Fluid retention is alleviated as stored water is lost.
More fat is used as fuel because the liver is free to metabolize stored fat.
Natural thirst returns.
There is a loss of hunger almost overnight.
It helps maintain muscle tone and prevents sagging skin
Helps prevent constipation

Mom gave a lot more advice than these four things like putting a sweater on or you’ll catch a cold and wear your galoshes so your feet don’t get wet or you’ll die of pneumonia. But these four are the “biggies” and are based on solid scientific information that Mom may not have known but she was absolutely correct. (maybe not about the galoshes).

So maybe, in honor of Mom, you should eat some veggies and drink some water while you’re outside in the fresh air and sunshine and then come in and take a nap.

Irene Conlan has a master’s degree in nursing, with a major in nursing administration and a minor in psychiatric nursing. She taught nursing at Arizona State University, served as Director of Nursing Administration at St. Luke’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, and served as Assistant Director of the Arizona Department of Health Services for the Division of Health Care Facilities and Emergency Medical Services. She is also a certified hypnotherapist with a practice in Scottsdale, AZ. Irene lives in Scottsdale AZ and has two sons and three grandsons. She is an avid blogger and manages

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