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Improving Research: Standard sequence service from Tsingke

Tsingke’s standard sequence service represent a modern approach to obtaining target genes, surpassing traditional molecular cloning methods. With personalized synthesis plans tailored to various lengths and application needs, Tsingke ensures researchers receive customized solutions promptly and accurately.

Customized Responses to DNA Synthesis Requirements

Customization and precision are essential in molecular biology. The conventional sequence service offered by Tsingke offer customized programs to satisfy the various needs of researchers. Tsingke ensures prompt delivery of the perfect plasmid containing the target gene, regardless of the length of the gene sequence, allowing researchers to carry out their investigations successfully.

Benefits of Standard sequence service from Tsingke

Cost-effectiveness: Tsingke’s services provide an affordable option via its extensive industrial chain, enabling researchers worldwide to obtain high-quality DNA synthesis.

Accuracy: Tsingke provides NGS and Sanger sequencing guarantees of 100% sequence accuracy, boosting trust in the dependability of artificially generated genes.

Optional Features: To improve the value of its basic sequence service, Tsingke offers further advantages including free codon optimization and access to over 160 vectors.


In conclusion, Tsingke’s standard sequence service offer researchers tailored, timely, and accurate solutions for their genetic research needs. With cost-effectiveness and optional features, Tsingke serves as a reliable partner for research institutions worldwide. Join Tsingke in advancing scientific discovery with confidence and precision.

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