Thinking about starting your own business? What are your options?

There are hundreds of different businesses you can consider starting, and each has its own set of pros and cons. The biggest roadblock to starting or buying a business is that they require a considerable up-front cash investment. In addition to the large investment, the time commitment you must make when starting a business can ultimately turn out to be far greater than what you have experienced in any job, and the return is not necessarily worth the extra time or the financial risk.

Let’s take a look at some of your options for starting your own business:

Option – Buying a Franchise: You could buy a franchise such as McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, Subway, or Dominos Pizza, but you may find they have many BARRIERS TO ENTRY. You will need to make a large upfront cash investment (average start-up cost between supplies, location, etc – can fall between $400,000 to $1 million), and in the end, what you are really buying yourself is the 90-hour-a-week job. You are going to be stuck in one location all the time, and you will have to be there every day to oversee the operation. You are not going to increase your time freedom.

With a franchise, you are also going to be required to pay royalty fees for the life of your business. These fees are in addition to all of your operating expenses, and in many cases, they can prevent you from being profitable.

The following shows a few examples of franchises taken from Be sure to note the “net worth” and “cash liquidity” requirements which would prevent the majority of people from even considering this option. Here are a few examples of businesses that you can purchase – please note the limitations.

Option – Traditional Brick & Mortar Business: In almost every case, if you buy yourself a traditional business, you are doing nothing more than buying yourself a job… only with more headaches. You assume all responsibility, and you must be there all the time to make sure that everything is running properly. There are numerous costs associated with operating a traditional business including inventory, rent, and of course, personnel. Administrative tasks take up a tremendous amount of time. The success of your business can be highly dependent on the state of the economy, and you are also bound to one location. Long hours trapped in one location do not give you the freedom to spend more time with your family and friends or be able to take vacations, travel, and live a life of comfort and privilege. Costs are also a barrier to entry.

There Is Another Option!

Learn to take advantage of what countless others are doing to achieve financial success by working from the comfort of home.

You’ll learn how to:
 Take control of your financial future
 Change your life and your lifestyle starting this week!
 Enjoy a lifestyle of your choice.
 Stand on the shoulders of giants to see further than you ever have before.
 Have everyone wondering how you “did it”!
 NO personal explaining
 NO hassling your friends and family
 NO hiring staff

We’ll supply the system, and your training and help establish your goals with a road map to your achievement. You supply the desire, motivation, and willingness to learn, be taught, and have follow-through, and you will find the success you are searching for.

Are you satisfied with your results, right now? Are you getting everything you want in life, right now? Chances are, if you’re reading this, you sense there is a change needed for you and for your life. Are you ready to learn a new way to earn and follow a system that works?

Do you believe you are led to the next step in your life? Are you willing to follow this one? We’ve noticed coincidences and serendipitous events in our lives. And when I’ve followed them, I have grown and found success. We found this business to be that type of event for us. Perhaps it is that for you too.

If you want to enjoy a lifestyle where you have an abundant income and the time to actually enjoy it, we will show you EXACTLY what people in this company are doing to achieve that from the comfort of home in less than 24 hours per week!!

Let us tell you what We do not do!!

 We do not make a list of my friends and family to pounce on.
We do not hold one on one presentations.
We do not spam (unsolicited e-mail).
We do not inventory products.
We do not do home parties.
We do not do hotel meetings to recruit.
We do not cold call.

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