Champions League history – An amazing match in Catalonia!

An amazing match in Catalonia – for the history of the Champions League!

A miracle! The greatest football miracle of the Champions League happened on March 8, 2017, at the “Nou Camp”! Barcelona scored in the 95th minute, won 6: 1, and advanced to the quarterfinals of the Champions League!

After depressing 0: 4 in Paris, the Barcelona players managed to beat Paris Saint-Germain 6: 1, with a goal scored by Sergi Roberto in the fifth, last minute of the referee’s compensation!

Madness, complete madness from the game!

It is worth mentioning that Barça led 3: 0, then Cavani scored a goal for 3: 1, and then the Catalans, although written off by everyone, prepared something spectacular within seven minutes: they scored three goals and directed the biggest turnaround ever. in elite European competition.

Neymar was a man of decision. About seven minutes of a Brazilian magician:

First, in the 88th minute, he scored a masterful goal from a free-kick, really ingenious, for 4: 1, but even then, probably no one believed that the Catalans could score two more goals until the end, as much as they needed to go further.

Only two minutes later, a penalty was played for the home team, and Messi, who had already scored from the penalty spot, left the lead to Neymar, who, cold as a syringe, scored for 5: 1 before the ultra-exciting last five minutes as he extended the match. judge.

Of course, a hurricane of Catalans followed. Ter Stegen moved forward, the fans were in a pre-infarction state, the situation is difficult to describe in words, the excitement is at its peak…

And then, in the 95th minute, Neymar took the ball, sent a perfect “deep” assist behind the back of the Parisian defense, whose defense set the offside trap badly, and Sergi Roberto sneaked in and scored 6: 1, for the stadium delirium and, we believe, all football fans who watched the biggest football spectacle directed by any team.

That’s what Barcelona did!

And about the game that will be talked about for years, decades: Barca’s two penalties were extremely suspicious and the referee Deniz Ajetkin from Germany was not famous, and the visiting players were not famous either, who directly sponsored the goals of the Catalans and the shadows with a series of defensive mistakes signed the elimination.

The first three goals for Barça were scored by Suarez, Kurzava (own goal), and Messi (penalty).

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