Cal State Youth Game Selection Process

The 2014 Cal State Youth Game Selection process has recently begun. This year will mark the 5th Cal State Youth Game and it is scheduled to take place in Visalia California on Sunday, December 21st. Director Derek Burrell said that this year’s selection process has changed and will be more efficient than ever.

Burrell stated that this year there will not be camps or tryouts for the game. Instead, Burrell has implemented a selection committee that consists of scouts from the Nor Cal, Cen Cal, and Southern Sections of California. Burrell continued to add that having more staff members involved in the selection process will make the process fair and will assure that the right players are selected for the game. The Cal State Game is the top All-Star Game in the State of California, Burrell believes, that because of this, it is important that they take their time to make sure that the top football players in the state are represented in their respected regions.

The new selection process will consist of a player being nominated and submitting a highlight DVD. The committee will then review the DVD and follow up with a visit to the player’s games. This will help the committee determine a player’s ability to compete with All American caliber talent.

If you are interested in nominating a player please visit and register under the nomination link.

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