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Our company is into detergent products manufacturing business. In the initial stages, we were concentrating on distributing the products in the wholesale markets of different regions. After a long time, we came to know about the effectiveness of marketing the products directly to the customers. We wanted to make people aware of such a brand and its benefits. So, we planned to execute marketing initiatives on a limited budget.

For that, we researched various marketing initiatives. Many came with different marketing ideas. As we have a limited budget but wanted to reach a wider circle we planned to do marketing on the Internet.

In the online world, there are a plethora of marketing services. We were really excited to know the benefits of online marketing. Many of the online marketing services offered by different e-marketing companies are for cheap rates. This encouraged us to involve in more than one online marketing initiative.

So, finally, we decided to go with pop-up advertisement services and email advertisement services.  Many companies approached us for doing email marketing services. But we were looking for a company that can offer exemplary email marketing services. As email marketing is not just sending thousands of emails to people residing in different parts of the world, we wanted to carry out the email marketing campaign in a successful mode.

For our email marketing campaign,

we got the email Ids of several thousand people. But we were not sure whether those IDs are still active or fake. The email marketing company whom we approached for our marketing campaign services offered us email verification services. Many are still not aware of the importance of email verification services in the marketing arena.  For successful marketing one should opt for email verifier services. When there are several thousands of email Ids in the database it is not easy to manually check whether an email address exists or not. So it is better to use email verification tools for checking the authenticity of the email Ids. In this service, the email marketing companies are verifying email Ids using a special technique. They will send commands to the SMTP server in the email code language. Just before the email server accepts the email the connection will be disconnected. This allows checking whether an email ID exists or not. When there are a large number of IDS, it will take a good amount of time to finish the process. So it is better to assign such jobs to companies that are into the email verification process.

One of the advantages of using email verification services is, it will negate spam addresses and make the marketing efforts more reliable and accurate. We will feel confident about the process. In the marketing field, advertisements will be successful when we are able to reach the public. From the tons of email IDS, we are not sure which are correct Ids and which are fake IDS. The use of fake IDS will increase the number of mail not delivered notices. Most of the big players have started using email verifier services for making their email marketing complete.  Next is your turn.

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