Sansure Portable Molecular Workstation for Diagnostics at the Show

From November 14th to 17th, the largest medical industry conference is held in Germany. At the scene, a company called Sansure unveiled its new portable molecular workstation. This medical device was developed to quickly and accurately diagnose patients in emergencies.

iPonatic® III on the show

The iPonatic III is a portable molecular workstation that provides a variety of diagnostic tools for the medical industry. The workstation’s ultimate goal is to deliver lab-caliber molecular diagnostics to point-of-care medical offices, clinics, and pharmacies to ensure critical assistance for local healthcare systems around the world.

The device differs from traditional medical diagnostic modalities but is easier to use and more accurate. It also has a built-in printer for the instant display of results.

Other expo activities of Sansure

A giveaway event has also been planned by Sansure to go along with the iPonatic® III unveiling. Visitors to the exposition received presents from the firm staff, who also swapped business cards and completed surveys. The iPonatic® III and other accessories might be won at the various pricing.


Through live demonstrations, Sansure demonstrates the application of the features of the Portable Molecular Workstation. Designed to simplify the diagnostic process and make accurate results easier to obtain, the device is a valuable tool in the medical arsenal. If you would like to learn more about molecular diagnostics, please contact us today!

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