Mindray Launches new School AED

In recent years, schools throughout the globe have begun to recognize the need to acquire AEDs. Athletic arenas, gymnasiums, and educational facilities should all have access to AEDs. To treat ventricular fibrillation, an electric current is administered to the patient. Defibrillation is an electrical procedure used to stabilize a patient with ventricular fibrillation. Explore some of the capabilities of Mindray’s high-quality AED for schools and educational institutions.

The operation of an automated external defibrillator.

A person’s life may be saved by using an automated external defibrillator to restore a regular heartbeat. For example, aFor example, aFor example, a person whose heart has stopped beating is given a shock to restart it using an automated external defibrillator. First, assistance in an emergency relies heavily on the clever use of a dependable AED.

Mindray’s AED user manual is comprehensive.

The patient should be supine with their chest elevated, the AED should be placed near their ear, and defibrillation should be performed on their side.

Once electrodes have been located, the electrode patch is rapidly put into the patient’s chest, and the line from the patch is plugged into the AED host to begin heart rate monitoring.

If the patient goes into ventricular fibrillation in the third stage, the device will sound an alarm and display a warning. However, be sure no one touches the patient or declares it is “safe” before pushing the “shock” button.

An audible or visual indication often triggers automatic charging of the capacitor during rhythm analysis for defibrillation. For example, the patient may have violent convulsions during the shock. After the first shock, CPR must be continued quickly.


For continued CPR and to alert oncoming ambulance workers, Mindray’s equipment continually monitors the patient’s heart rate. In addition, Mindray’s official website has all the details on the high-quality AED for schools that Mindray offers.

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