iPhone 7C will open Apple’s 2016

It is likely that the iPhone 7C will be the opening for Apple’s 2016 when it can be released next March.

Rumors of a low-cost “iPhone mini” have been around since before Apple introduced the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, but since then all the attention has been focused on. iPhone 6/6 Plus and iPhone 6S/6S Plus pairs.
Recently, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Group revealed that Apple will launch a 4-inch iPhone next year, possibly the iPhone 7c .

In terms of specifications, Ming Chi Kuo believes that the device will own a high-end metal shell that is not “cheap” like the previous iPhone 5c, an Apple A9 processor like the iPhone 6S, running the operating system. iOS 9 and iOS 10, but without 3D Touch technology because it is only for the premium version.

It is likely that the 4-inch iPhone will be released by Apple in 2016 to poll users, Kuo also estimates Apple will produce about 20-30 million units. Kuo is the one who has made extremely accurate predictions about Apple products, most recently new features appearing on iPhone 6s such as Live Photos, 3D Touch, etc.

It is expected that Apple will hand over the production contract to Foxconn in the first half of next year. Analysts also predict that “Apple defects” will continue to make a difference on the upcoming high-end iPhone line (iPhone 7), with a larger screen, and increase the RAM memory to 3GB for the Plus version, while the iPhone 7 version. iPhone 7 is usually still 2GB RAM.

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