Features users expect in the LG G5

Flagship means powerful configuration, beautiful design, and new features. The same goes for the LG G5, this smartphone is also highly expected by users

Increase battery life

One of the points that users find not really satisfied with the LG G4 is the battery life. LG seems to believe that the 3,000 mAh battery inside the G4 is enough to keep the device from being too large and too thick to compromise its aesthetic.

The QHD screen of the LG G4 is one of the important reasons why the battery life is reduced very quickly, so LG needs to have a better solution to improve this on the LG G5 to help users. get more use time without having to “save battery” and limit device features.

Better speakers

The mono speaker designed at the bottom edge of the LG G4 is not really outstanding, the sound is less accurate when the volume is increased to the maximum level, the volume is also quite small, so improve the speaker position, volume and sound quality on the G5 is what LG should do.

Speakers of LG G4 currently cannot be compared with competitors in the same segment as HTC One M9 or Samsung Galaxy S6.

Leather case is more durable

Very few people agree that the LG G4 is a beautiful smartphone with a curved design and the ability to customize the case between plastic and leather. While the leather version of the G4 is appreciated for its premium look, it’s very prone to scratches, and stains, and breaks down quickly.

Even so, LG should still keep the leather case option for the G5, but it should improve to make the leather case softer and more durable over time. LG previously stated that each G4 leather case takes 12 weeks to produce, but perhaps that is still not enough to bring satisfaction to users.

Fingerprint Sensor

At the same time the LG G4 was launched, there were many high-end smartphones with integrated fingerprint sensors, but this “fashionable” feature is still lacking on the G4. Although this omission is not an annoyance for users, it is clear that the G5 will be more complete and worthy of competitors in the same segment when the device is equipped with this feature.

If the LG G5 is equipped with a fingerprint sensor, the ideal location for the layout is the back of the device, where users are familiar with the power key and the volume up and down keys on the LG G4, it will also be easier. to manipulate.

Wireless charging

Wireless charging is not a new feature, while the battery life of the LG G4 has not really satisfied users.

Assuming LG wants to improve the performance and features of the LG G5, wireless charging should be something that LG needs to integrate into its next high-end smartphone if it really wants to compete with other high-end smartphones.

A “cleaner” operating system

While LG has integrated some interesting features on LG G4 such as Smart Notice or Smart Bulletin, the user interface has not really satisfied users, not to mention the layout of applications is a bit messy and not really. there are many attractive features in the same way that Samsung or HTC did.

Therefore, LG needs an operating system with more improvements in both interface and features to get closer to its rivals.

The solution is too hot

Many LG G4 users complain that the device generates a lot of heat during use, especially when playing heavy games, and the Snapdragon 808 chip inside is said to be the main reason for this. Even watching videos through the YouTube app makes the back of the LG G4 warm.

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