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Endless Innovation and Improvement: ForwardX Robotics AMR

Strong self-research capabilities and awareness of intellectual property management are the cornerstones of ForwardX’s ability to provide its leading AMR products. ForwardX is an innovative AMR manufacturer committed to providing stable and efficient automation solutions for the warehousing industry. The Apex1400-L autonomous forklift is one of these high-performance products, which can be a turbocharger of efficiency in upgrading the warehousing industry.

Invincible Versatility

With its comprehensive advantages in various dimensions, such as single-body intelligence, precise identification, accurate docking, safety assurance, and docking with elevators, the Apex 1400-L autonomous forklift of ForwardX Robotics has successfully stood out from many robot products.

The success of the Apex series is a positive affirmation of the whole industry for ForwardX Robotics’s active participation in warehouse and supply chain automation construction and full recognition of building an intelligent warehouse logistics management model.

Advanced algorithms facilitate the development of AMR intelligence

Based on the multi-sensor fusion, dynamic obstacle vision recognition, vision + LIDAR multi-sensor deployment, and other technologies developed by ForwardX, their AMR achieves 360-degree automatic obstacle avoidance and can automatically sense and identify the position of the corresponding push tray on the shelf, which enables ForwardX’s AMR to work accurately even in areas with dense stacking of goods to complete unmanned automatic access operations.


ForwardX’s AMR products are known for their efficiency and flexibility. Automated solutions are a must for companies facing the megatrend of efficiency gains. Visit ForwardX‘s official website for more details on their automated warehousing solutions.

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