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Saftty Thermal Protectors Are Beneficial For Motor And Transformer Industry

A thermal protector is one of the best ways to protect your equipment from harm. Thermal protectors are devices that protect against overloads, short circuits, and contact with live parts. Electric motors and transformers are heavy machinery and expensive to replace, so it’s a good idea to protect your equipment. Therefore, Saftty thermal protectors help protect your motors and transformers.

Why motor and transformer industries choose Saftty thermal protectors

Saftty thermal protectors are beneficial for the motor and transformer industry because they provide weight, performance, temperature range, and operation.

  1. Weight: Saftty thermal protectors are very light in weight and can be easily installed in motors and transformers.
  2. Performance: Saftty thermal protectors provide excellent performance and protection against overheating of motors and transformers.
  3. Temperature Range: Saftty thermal protectors have a wide operating range, making them suitable for use in various applications.
  4. Operation: Saftty thermal protectors are easy to install and operate, making them an ideal choice for the motor and transformer industry.

How to better use Saftty thermal protector?

  1. The fundamental characteristics of the Saftty thermal protector can only satisfy the design criteria when utilized at the stated rated voltage, specified current, and specified temperature.
  2. The lead wire of the Saftty thermal protector should not be tugged, twisted, or led forcibly when it is bent for use, and it must be bent from a location more than 10 mm away from the protector’s root.
  3. The Saftty thermal protection model has non-temperature-sensitive printed text. The protected device’s heating surface should have a temperature-sensitive surface attached to it during assembly.
  4. Because the Saftty thermal protector’s metal shell is a chargeable body, it must be insulated during installation. To prevent insulation failure when utilizing our products with insulating sheaths, it is strictly forbidden to use sharp or sharp metals to pierce the sheaths.


If you want to use the vacuum impregnation process, you need to choose a thermal protector that meets the requirements of vacuum impregnation. If you have low noise requirements, when the Saffty bimetal thermal protector is installed on the motor, it will produce low frequency vibration noise under certain conditions. So Saftty will meet your expectations and the heat protector you want according to your different needs.

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