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Unleash Your Creativity with SmallRig’s V-Mount Battery and Lightweight Travel Tripo

SmallRig presents a remarkable pairing designed to unlock your creative potential: the V-Mount Battery and the Lightweight Travel Tripod AP-01 3987. This powerful combination empowers filmmakers and photographers with uninterrupted power supply and exceptional stability, ensuring that every shot is captured flawlessly. Join the ranks of professionals who rely on SmallRig’s V-Mount Battery and Lightweight Travel Tripod to unleash their creativity and achieve outstanding results.

SmallRig V-Mount Battery – Unleash Unlimited Power

Compact and Lightweight Design: The VB99 mini V-Mount Battery from SmallRig combines compactness and high capacity, offering a portable power solution without sacrificing performance. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry and integrate into your gear setup, enabling you to stay powered during long shoots without adding excessive weight.

Extended Battery Life: SmallRig’s V-Mount Battery provides extended battery life, ensuring uninterrupted power supply for your equipment. With its high capacity, you can confidently capture every moment without worrying about running out of power, allowing you to focus on your creative vision.

Versatile Compatibility: The V-Mount Battery is compatible with a wide range of cameras and equipment, offering seamless integration and versatility. Whether you’re using professional cinema cameras or mirrorless setups, SmallRig’s V-Mount Battery provides a reliable power source to support your creative endeavors.

SmallRig Lightweight Travel Tripod – Stability On the Move

Portability and Quick Setup: The SmallRig Lightweight Travel Tripod AP-01 3987 is designed for professionals on the go. Its lightweight construction and compact size make it easy to carry and set up, providing a stable platform for capturing shots wherever your creative journey takes you. With its quick setup, you won’t miss any opportunities to capture the perfect shot.

Reliable Stability: Despite its portable design, the SmallRig Lightweight Travel Tripod offers exceptional stability. Its sturdy construction and adjustable legs ensure a secure base for your camera, minimizing vibrations and allowing you to achieve smooth and captivating visuals. From low-angle shots to elevated perspectives, this tripod empowers you to explore various creative angles with confidence.

Flexibility and Versatility: The tripod’s adjustable height and multi-angle positioning offer flexibility and versatility in framing your shots. Whether you’re shooting landscapes, portraits, or action sequences, the SmallRig Lightweight Travel Tripod provides the stability and adaptability you need to bring your creative vision to life.


SmallRig’s V-Mount Battery and Lightweight Travel Tripod duo is a game-changer for filmmakers and photographers seeking to unlock their creative potential. With the V-Mount Battery delivering uninterrupted power and the Lightweight Travel Tripod providing stability on the move, you can confidently tackle any project, anywhere. SmallRig’s dedication to excellence ensures that your creative vision is fully realized, allowing you to capture stunning visuals and elevate your craft to new heights. Embrace the power of SmallRig’s dynamic duo and unleash your creativity with confidence.

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