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Ledia Lighting’s LED DC 24V: Versatile Illumination for Every Outdoor Setting

Ledia Lighting presents its LED DC 24V series, specifically designed to provide distributors and agents with a versatile lighting solution for various outdoor applications. With the LD-FR-SJS-DC24V-XXXX-120-16*16mm Neon Flex, Ledia Lighting offers a range of waterproof LED tube lights that are flexible, reliable, and capable of delivering continuous, dot-free illumination.

Flexible and Continuous Illumination

The LD-FR-SJS-DC24V-XXXX-120-16*16mm Neon Flex is a soft and flexible member of the silicone neon series. It provides a continuous lighting effect without any dark dots, ensuring a smooth and seamless illumination experience. Its unique design structure allows for wide lighting coverage, making it ideal for border lighting, architectural outlines, coves, facades, and guide lighting.

Wide Range of Colors and Color Temperatures

Ledia Lighting’s LED DC 24V series comes in a variety of vibrant colors, including red, blue, green, and white. This wide color selection allows distributors and agents to cater to different design preferences and lighting requirements. Furthermore, the series offers a range of color temperatures, including 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, and 6500K, enabling users to achieve the desired ambiance and mood in any outdoor setting.

Energy-Efficient and Reliable

The LD-FR-SJS-DC24V-XXXX-120-16*16mm Neon Flex operates on a low voltage of DC 24V, making it energy-efficient and cost-effective. With a rated power of 12W per meter and a luminous efficacy of 37Lm/W @4000K, these lights provide excellent brightness while minimizing energy consumption. Moreover, Ledia Lighting stands behind the reliability and durability of their LED DC 24V series, offering a 5-year warranty for added confidence.


Ledia Lighting’s LED DC 24V series, specifically the LD-FR-SJS-DC24V-XXXX-120-16*16mm Neon Flex, is a remarkable lighting solution for distributors and agents. With its flexible and continuous illumination, wide range of colors and color temperatures, durable waterproof design, convenient cutting and joining capabilities, energy efficiency, and 5-year warranty, this series offers exceptional lighting options for various outdoor applications.

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