How to Identify Different Peel-off Ends for Cans

Peel-off ends are one of the most common problems with cans. They’re essentially the little pieces of aluminum that peel off of the can as you drink its contents. And while they may not seem like much, peel-off ends can be a significant annoyance when it comes to recycling. In this article, we’ll teach you how to identify different peel-off ends for cans and what to do about them.

How to identify a can with a peel-off end

When it comes to cans, there are a few different types of peel-off ends you will see.

The most common type is the “tab” can end. This type of end has a tab that peels off when you try to remove it from the can.

Another common type of can end is the “pull tab” can end. This type of end has a small pull tab that you need to pull before the can lid will come off.

Finally, there are “pin-top” cans that don’t have any kind of peel-off end and you simply have to pop the top off to get your favorite canned food inside!

How to remove the can’s lid

If you are trying to remove the lid from a can of paint, screws, or nails, the ends of the can need to be identified and removed in a specific way. The top, bottom, and sides of can have different peel-off ends that need to be accessed in order to remove the lid without damaging it.

The top end of a can has a small ridge around the circumference, this is where the top of the lid will attach. The bottom end also has a small ridge but it’s closer to the base of the can. The side edges also have ridges but they are smaller and more intimate together. In order to remove the lid from a can, it needs to be grasped at these various points and pulled off.


After reading this article, you will know the different types of peel off ends for cans. If you don’t know how to choose the suitable one for yourselves, you can consult the staffs in Canlid and they will help you out.

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