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ETC Vehicle Unit Power Solutions Using EVE Batteries

ETC units were taken into consideration when designing the EVE battery, which offers reliable, effective power solutions. The greatest option for a vehicle unit power solution for ETC is this.


For post-installed ETC onboard modules, a composite power supply made of lithium thionyl chloride batteries and battery capacitors is the perfect power supply option. For front-mounted ETC onboard modules, battery capacitors are employed as energy storage devices to deliver reliable and effective power solutions. Battery capacitors and lithium thionyl chloride batteries can be used to build a composite power source.

EVE batteries for ETC unit power solutions: advantages

To begin with, EVE batteries have successfully been proven across more than 200 million unique application combinations. Based on more than 10 years of practical usage, a verification of the onboard unit’s stability, effectiveness, and long-term durability.

Second, throughout a wide temperature range, EVE battery capacitors deliver the high power pulse output required for ETC transmission. This trait is significant.

The third advantage is that lithium-thionyl chloride batteries have an adequate amount of power to supply due to their high energy density and low rate of self-discharge.

Last but not least, EVE battery capacitors meet the requirements of both the GB/T 38444 and the AEC-Q200 regulations for automobiles, making them more dependable and safe.


You should look into EVE batteries if you’re looking for a battery to power an ETC vehicle unit. They provide high-quality, reasonably priced batteries in addition to a variety of other items that can fulfill your demands.

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