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Elevate Your Regional Hauling with Techking’s Regional Tire ETFN U

Techking, a renowned brand in the tire industry, presents regional businesses with a game-changing solution – the ETFN U regional tire. Designed to excel in regional hauling applications, the ETFN U tire by Techking offers exceptional performance, durability, and reliability, making it the top choice for businesses operating in diverse environments.

Unmatched Impact Resistance for Dependable Regional Hauling

Techking’s ETFN U regional tire is engineered with high-tensile steel wires, delivering outstanding impact resistance performance. This unique design ensures that the tire can withstand the rigors of regional hauling, including rough terrains and road debris. With the ETFN U, businesses can rely on a tire that minimizes the risk of punctures and sidewall damage, reducing downtime and increasing operational efficiency. Whether traversing highways or navigating mixed roads, the ETFN U ensures a dependable and safe driving experience.

Unleash Performance with Super Cut & Chip Resistance Compound

Techking recognizes that regional hauling involves encountering various road conditions. To address this challenge, the ETFN U tire features a specially formulated super cut & chip resistance compound. This advanced compound enhances the tire’s resistance to cuts, chips, and abrasions, ensuring longevity and minimizing the frequency of replacements. Businesses can enjoy improved cost-efficiency and peace of mind, knowing that the ETFN U is equipped to handle the demanding tasks of regional hauling.

Unprecedented Load Capacity for Enhanced Efficiency

With a remarkable 160% load capacity for the 12.00R20 size, the ETFN U sets a new standard for regional tire performance. The increased load capacity allows businesses to transport more goods in a single trip, optimizing efficiency and reducing transportation costs. The ETFN U’s superior load capacity ensures that businesses can maximize their productivity, minimize the number of trips required, and meet their regional hauling demands with ease.


Techking’s ETFN U regional tire is the ultimate choice for businesses seeking to elevate their regional hauling operations. With unmatched impact resistance performance, the ETFN U ensures a reliable and safe driving experience in diverse road conditions. Equipped with a super cut & chip resistance compound, this tire delivers exceptional durability, reducing maintenance costs and maximizing uptime. Furthermore, the unprecedented load capacity of the ETFN U enhances operational efficiency, allowing businesses to transport more goods in a single haul. Techking remains committed to providing innovative tire solutions that empower regional businesses to thrive in their respective industries. Invest in the ETFN U and elevate your regional hauling to new heights.

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