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AC Filter Capacitors Are Used  in Photovoltaic Power Systems

A blog article that discusses the importance of AC-Filter capacitors for Photovoltaic power generation. Going into detail about what AC Filter capacitors are, and how they work.

What is AC-Filter Capacitor?

AC-Filter capacitor is used to reduce the signal noise on AC power lines. They do this by storing energy in the form of a charge, and then releasing it in response to an AC voltage spike. This spike reduces the amplitude of the signal, which reduces the amount of noise that is passed through to your electronics.

AC-Filter Capacitors and PV

In a typical photovoltaic (PV) system, solar panels use the energy from the sun to generate electricity. When the sun is out and shining, the PV system generates power; when it isn’t, the PV cells need a reserve source of power. One way of providing this backup power is to use a capacitor, which is an electrical device that stores electricity for later use. AC filter capacitors are used in photovoltaic systems because they can selectively draw current to boost output levels during periods with high sunlight levels when traditional capacitors cannot handle the load.

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