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EVB’s Dual Socket EV Charger: An Ideal Residential Charging Solution

As electric vehicles (EVs) become increasingly popular, residential charging solutions are in high demand. EVB‘s Dual Socket EV Charger offers an ideal solution for residential applications, providing numerous benefits over DC chargers. In this blog post, we will explore the suitability of EVB’s dual socket charger for residential use, the advantages of AC chargers, their lower demands on the power grid’s capacity, and the affordability, reliability, and ease of maintenance of EVB’s AC chargers.

Suitability of EVB’s Dual Socket EV Charger for Residential Applications

EVB’s dual socket charger is well suited for residential use due to its compact design, easy installation, and versatility. Its dual socket feature allows for simultaneous charging of two vehicles, catering to households with multiple EVs. The charger’s user friendly interface and advanced features, such as remote monitoring and management, provide convenience and control to residential EV owners.

Advantages of AC Chargers for Residential Settings

AC chargers, like EVB’s dual socket charger, offer several advantages over DC chargers in residential settings. AC chargers are typically more affordable and easier to install, as they require less complex infrastructure. They also provide compatibility with the standard AC power supply found in residential homes, eliminating the need for additional equipment or modifications. AC chargers are the preferred choice for overnight charging at home, ensuring that EV owners wake up to a fully charged vehicle.

Lower Demands on Power Grid’s Capacity

AC chargers have lower demands on the power grid’s capacity compared to DC chargers. They draw power at a steady rate, without sudden surges, which reduces stress on the electrical grid. This characteristic makes them well suited for residential areas where the power grid may not have extensive capacity for high power DC charging. AC chargers allow for efficient charging without compromising the stability and reliability of the local power supply.

Affordability, Reliability, and Ease of Maintenance

EVB’s AC chargers offer affordability, reliability, and ease of maintenance for residential users. AC chargers are generally more cost effective than DC chargers, making them a practical choice for residential charging solutions. They also have fewer complex components, resulting in lower maintenance requirements and reduced downtime. EVB’s AC chargers are built with high quality materials, ensuring durability and long term reliability for residential charging needs.


EVB’s Dual Socket EV Charger is an excellent residential charging solution, offering numerous benefits over DC chargers. Its suitability for residential applications, advantages of AC chargers, lower demands on the power grid’s capacity, and affordability, reliability, and ease of maintenance make it an ideal choice for residential EV owners. With EVB’s dual socket charger, residential users can enjoy efficient, convenient, and cost effective charging for their electric vehicles, ensuring they are always ready to hit the road.

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