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WOKA’s Hot Products: Advancing Automotive with 2K Injection Molding


WOKA‘s production line boasts a diverse array of injection molding products catering to automotive, medical, home appliances, and various other custom plastic injection molding factory. Here are some recommended products closely associated with automotive injection molding and crafted with their expertise in 2K injection molding.

Automotive Interior Parts

WOKA offers reliable and customized automotive interior parts using innovative 2K injection molding techniques. From seating systems to dashboards, their products ensure top-notch quality and performance, setting new standards in automotive interiors.

Air Conditioner Vent

Crafted with precision in WOKA’s state-of-the-art injection molding factory, these vents demonstrate the capabilities of 2K injection molding. With durable materials and intricate design, they seamlessly blend into any vehicle’s interior, offering both functionality and aesthetics.

Car Door Panel Interior

WOKA specializes in manufacturing custom plastic molding interior car door panels using advanced 2K injection molding technology. These panels not only excel in functionality and comfort but also elevate the vehicle’s interior aesthetics to new heights.

Battery Holder

WOKA’s expertise in 2K injection molding extends to producing robust and dependable battery holders tailored for automotive applications. These holders are engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring the safety and reliability of the vehicle’s electrical system.


At the forefront of dashboard design, WOKA integrates advanced 2K injection molding techniques to create durable and visually appealing dashboards. These dashboards combine functionality with elegance, reflecting WOKA’s commitment to excellence in automotive interior components.


WOKA’s dedication to excellence in 2K injection molding is evident in each of their automotive products. Partner with WOKA to experience the cutting-edge technology and unmatched quality that set their products apart in the automotive industry.

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