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Why Your Classroom or Business Needs an Interactive Flat Panel Display

Thirty years have passed since interactive whiteboards were first used in classrooms, in 1991. While many early models (and even some more recent ones) had performance and cost issues, today’s interactive flat panels (IFPs) are cutting-edge teaching tools that are quickly becoming a mainstay in classrooms from elementary school to college level. As a result, the interactive flat panel has become popular, and you are searching for a reputable supplier of interactive flat panels. Ikinor is one of the greatest manufacturers in this area, therefore you’ve come to the right place.

Blackboards, conventional whiteboards, and projectors have all effectively disappeared as a result of the widespread use of Ikinor interactive flat panels (IFPs), which have replaced them as the preferred presenting medium for contemporary educators. Eighty-seven percent of all classrooms in the United States have at least one type of display installed, and use is predicted to rise in the years ahead.

For good reason, educators are switching to interactive displays because they provide several benefits over less modern alternatives that improve lesson planning and raise student involvement.

Large touchscreen displays with an integrated Android operating system are known as interactive flat panel displays (also known as IFPs, interactive flat panel displays, interactive touchscreen displays, or simply interactive displays). an improved option for whiteboards.

IFP provides the adaptability and usability that teachers need to advance their lesson plans, and the best option for you will rely on the particular objectives and dynamics of your classroom. The Ikinor team is available to assist you in choosing the right course of action, whether your needs are related to high school or your reseller business.

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