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W505 Series: The Best VFD Controlled Pump by Bedford Electric

Bedford Electric proudly presents the W505 Series, a cutting-edge solution for VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) controlled pumps. With a focus on precision and performance, these pumps utilize advanced flux vector control technology to deliver exceptional motor control without being sensitive to motor parameters.

Advanced Flux Vector Control Technology

The W505 Series incorporates advanced flux vector control technology, allowing precise control over motor speed and torque. This innovative technology ensures high-performance motor control, even with varying motor parameters. The result is a reliable and efficient VFD controlled pump that consistently delivers optimal performance.

 Universal Compatibility and High Performance

The W505 Series is designed to be a universal vector inverter, making it compatible with a wide range of pump applications. Whether you require precise control over flow rates or need to adjust motor speed according to changing demand, this VFD controlled pump can meet your specific requirements. With its high-performance motor control capabilities, the W505 Series guarantees smooth and efficient operation, minimizing energy consumption and maximizing overall system efficiency.


The W505 Series VFD Controlled Pump by Bedford Electric is a remarkable innovation in the field of motor control. With its advanced flux vector control technology, this pump offers precise control over motor speed and torque, ensuring consistent and efficient performance. Its universal compatibility makes it suitable for various pump applications, while its high-performance motor control capabilities guarantee optimal efficiency and energy savings. Bedford Electric’s commitment to excellence and innovation is evident in the W505 Series, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and high-performing VFD controlled pump.

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