Use of AED When Suffering a Sudden Heart Problem: Mindray’s Introduction

Early defibrillation using an AED is essential for preserving the life of a patient experiencing cardiac arrest. Defibrillation, in the first place, is the key to saving lives since fatal aberrant heart rhythms cause the great majority of people to pass out without being touched. So, what makes up your mind to make an AED purchase? When did a defibrillator is required? Professional AED manufacturer Mindray is here to introduce.

AED: Notice of Use

First, patients cannot be touched while an AED evaluates their heart rhythm. This is due to the possibility that if someone comes into contact, it will interfere with the analysis and delay or reduce its accuracy.

Second, the rationale for making sure no one contacts the patient before the shock is to prevent any current from being accidentally or purposefully diverted by anyone who comes into contact with the patient’s body. This may reduce the effectiveness of defibrillation and even harm the contactor.

Even if the shock is effective, patients in cardiac arrest may undergo another cardiac arrest (recurrence of ventricular fibrillation).

Additionally, even if the shock is successful, CPR should still be performed because the heart’s ability to pump blood does not instantly resume after a successful shock and requires compressions to do so. However, it cannot be denied that an AED contributes significantly to a patient’s emergency at its crucial phase.

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