TWSNET Super Bowl Preview and Predictions

TWSNET’s Shaun Chornobroff, Daniel Alameda, and Alex Seghini preview and predict Super Bowl 54 between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. Here are 3 of the best quotes from the video.

“The biggest keys in the game are 49ers’ safeties Jimmie Ward and Jaquiski Tartt, because Patrick Mahomes has had ZERO turnovers so far in the postseason, ZERO. They need to force at least one and limit the big plays by the Chiefs arsenal of weapons, or else the Chiefs offense will pick apart the Niners cover 3 zone.” -Daniel Alameda


“With Andy Reid (Head Coach) and Steve Spagnuola (Defensive Coordinator), there is a maturity that the Chiefs carry themselves with that will put them over the top. Let’s also not forget that Kyle Shanahan was the offensive coordinator behind the 28-3 collapse in the Falcons Super bowl.” -Shaun Chornobroff

“Here’s the thing. The Chiefs are going to score points. I’m not saying the 49ers are going to hold them to 14 points because that’s just not happening, but I think the 49ers defense can make enough stops in big time spots like 3rd and long and get to Patrick Mahomes.” -Alex Seghini

We want to see your predictions as well!!!! Go comment your prediction under the video!!!

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