The difference between TOEFL ITP and other TOEFL

You may often hear the term TOEFL. However, what about the TOEFL ITP? ITP stands for Institutional Testing Program. So, the score is only used by certain institutions or regions where the standard score does not apply to other regions.

In Asia itself, the TOEFL ITP is usually issued by the ETS or English Testing System. In Indonesia, this activity is managed by IIEF, which stands for The Indonesian International Education Foundation. This institution is better known as the Indonesian International Education Foundation.

IIEF is arguably the representative of ETS in Indonesia. This is because the agency is in charge of managing ITPs from various institutions in Indonesia. Thus, the official institution or institution that administers the TOEFL ITP will be registered with the IIEF.

Although it is only valid in some regions or institutions, the TOEFL ITP score can still be used for various purposes on an international scale. For example, in applying for scholarships, this certificate can still be used as a requirement.

Basically, TOEFL ITP is the same as TOEFL ETS. This is because both are held by educational testing services. Where the educational testing service is based in the United States. However, as a differentiator, the ITP score is only carried out for some regions or institutions.

Besides TOEFL ITP, you must have heard the terms IBT and PBT. As a little explanation about these three things, TOEFL IBT or Internet-Based Test is the most common test administered by various institutions or institutions administering the TOEFL. It is also most often followed by students and workers.

The most basic difference can be seen from the stages of the tests carried out. Where in the TOEFL ITP the stages of tests carried out are literacy, written structure, and reading. This is different from the TOEFL IBT which consists of four stages of the test, namely, reading, listening, writing, and speaking.

One thing that is most clearly seen is that the TOEFL ITP test does not have a speaking process like the one in the IBT. Finally, the TOEFL PBT has three stages, namely listening structure, and reading. Thus, specifically for the IBT test, an active English proficiency test is added.

Apart from the stages of the test passed, the difference can also be seen in the scores obtained. In the TOEFL ITP test, the scores obtained have each level. This level is adjusted to the ability and score obtained from the test. There are two levels used, namely intermediate to advanced and high beginning to intermediate.

The first level is called intermediate to advance. Participants who fall into this category will get a score of 310 to 677. While the second level is high beginning to intermediate. Participants in this category will get a score of 200 to 500. When ITP has a level, then IBT with PBT does not have a level.

In IBT, the score obtained is between 0 to 120. While in PBT the score is between 310 to 677. If previously discussed the differences in terms of the stages of the test and the scores obtained, then the difference in the way the test is carried out will be discussed.

The TOEFL ITP and PBT tests are both carried out using paper. Paper exams are done in writing. In terms of the implementation process, it can be carried out at any time. The time is also quite flexible. Both of these tests can be done at various institutions or institutions administering the TOEFL.

As previously explained, although the test can be carried out at various institutions or organizing institutions, make sure that the institution is an official party that officially cooperates with ETS (educational testing service).

The ITP and PBT tests are carried out in writing and can be carried out in various institutions or organizing institutions. This is different from the IBT test where the test is administered online. This is because the test is directly administered by the ETS. Thus, the test cannot be done in person but online.

The test schedule cannot be as flexible as the previous two tests. This test must follow the schedule set by ETS. This test is also arguably more expensive than the two previous tests. For the IBT test itself, the assessment is also carried out strictly with several conditions that must be met by participants before starting the test.

Back again to the problem of choice, this is based on the needs of each individual. The TOEFL ITP test itself is usually required for organizations or educational institutions. Usually, the educational institution for ITP itself is for prospective domestic students. In addition, it can be used as an entry requirement for multinational companies.

For more detailed information about what test you should take, it can be adjusted according to the requirements listed. If you want to take a scholarship, be diligent in visiting the website in question. In addition to the requirements for admission to domestic universities, it can also be used for scholarships abroad.

ITP TOEFL Test Stages

As previously explained, the TOEFL ITP test has three test sessions. The session consists of listening, written structure, and reading. Each session has its own time. Each session must be completed within the specified timeframe.

  • Listening

At the time of listening, the number of questions that must be solved is 50 pieces with a completion time of about 30 to 40 minutes. The listening stage is further divided into three stages. The first is a conversation with a short dialogue. At this stage, it is still fairly easy because the participants will only be heard a little dialogue.

Listening at stage one will usually discuss simple questions such as the purpose of the conversation, the topic of conversation, suggestions given, etc. To make it easier to answer, before the session, you can see the multiple choices listed.

The second stage of the conversation is longer than the previous one. This is where the participants’ listening skills are tested. Focus not only on the topic of conversation but also on the details of the conversation. Usually, this conversation is carried out by two people.

Here you should be able to guess what the important points of the conversation are. You also have to focus on several things, such as who gave advice, what advice was given, or what problems were discussed in the conversation, as well as who had problems and the response of the other person.

Finally, the audio contains the story. Listening in this last stage does not talk about conversation but about monologue. A monologue is a story told by one person about a thing or event. The discussion in this session is a story that you have experienced or even often experienced.

Even though they are both listening, the tips for answering this session are different from the previous session. Considering this is a monologue, thus you have to pay attention to the information side of 5W+1H. This will summarize what they talked about, when and where it happened, who was involved, why it happened, and finally the story of the incident.

  • Structure

At this stage of the structure, you are required to be able to understand grammar well. This is because this session it measures how much you are able to understand grammar. Thus, here you are required to increase the practice. This is because grammar is easier to understand while practicing rather than having to remember the whole existing grammar.

Of the three stages, some people have difficulty with this structural problem. For your own grammar preparation, you can practice it through books. In addition, you can also practice grammar from online tests. Basically, there are many ways you can do to improve your grammar skills. Therefore, be diligent in trying and trying to be able to understand it!

  • Reading

For this reading session, the number of questions that must be completed is 50 in about 55 minutes. Although it does not reduce the value if there are wrong answers, each session must still be completed properly. This stage is no less pending than the previous stage.

In the reading session, participants are required to have good focus. This is because when reading too much, it will make it difficult and the eyes will get tired quickly. Especially when working on questions, it will also affect the mood, namely boredom.

To overcome some of these obstacles, there are a few tips you can do. Before reading the text listed, you can first read the questions. Thus, when reading paragraphs you can immediately focus on what appears in the question.

In this way, you don’t need to be confused or doubt what to focus on. In addition, it can also be used as a way to save time. This is because when reading, you can immediately find out what information you want to get and focus when reading paragraphs.

Uses of TOEFL ITP Certificate

After taking the test, you will be given a TOEFL ITP certificate. This score will be a measure of your ability to speak English. This will later be your provision to meet the requirements, whether it’s a scholarship or to work.

The TOEFL ITP certificate is valid for up to 2 years from the issuance of the certificate. If it is more than two years then the validity of the scores listed is less reliable. This is because, over time, there is a possibility that your score can increase.

If you decide to take a course before taking the test, the first TOEFL test will be used for the placement class. This class placement or placement class will be used to determine the appropriate class level according to your English language skills.

In addition to courses, another preparation option is to take a preparation course for the TOEFL ITP test. One of the institutions that accept this preparatory course is English Bridge. This preparatory course class is superior to regular courses because you will get the most out of it in no time.

The TOEFL ITP certificate is important because it can be used for the following purposes:

  • Career development. In terms of work, a TOEFL ITP certificate is sometimes needed to support one’s career. Where through the ability to speak English there is a possibility that someone is given the opportunity to serve abroad for some time.
  • Enter State Universities. Some well-known state universities in Indonesia require a TOEFL ITP certificate for their administration. This certificate is usually used to continue education for S2 or S3. One that requires this is the University of Indonesia.
  • Overseas Scholarship Program. Several scholarship programs both at home and abroad will include a TOEFL ITP certificate as their administrative requirement. Not only certificates but usually the scholarship-giving institution will also provide a minimum score requirement. In addition, in terms of position, with good English language skills, you can be given a better position than before. This is because an important position in a large company or multinational company will have cooperation or relationships with companies outside the country.
  • Domestic Scholarship. To get a domestic scholarship you must also have a TOEFL ITP certificate. Even though the university you are going to has its own requirements, this is different from the requirements for a domestic scholarship program. Thus, you will go through two administrative stages, namely the administration of the scholarship program and the university you are going to. One of the names of the domestic scholarship program is LPDP (Education Fund Management Agency). This is one of the scholarship programs that are managed directly by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • Civil Servant Requirements. Currently, one of the requirements to register as a Candidate for Civil Servant is to show a TOEFL ITP certificate. This is because English is also required for government offices. Thus, for those of you who intend to become a civil servant, be prepared to take this TOEFL ITP test and make sure the score you get meets the requirements.

You can consult at English Bridge by calling (021) 52 9000 15 / 0812 100 600 75. The open class system at English Bridge can be useful for those of you who want to start classes at any time. Which will not interfere with the daily routine, because the clock can be adjusted to your free time.

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