Pogo Pin Application

A Pogo Pin is an extremely fine probe that can adjust the loudness and be used in special connectors to reduce weight, save space, and provide a beautiful appearance.

The invention of the Pogo Pin

The male and female ends of the Pogo Pin are docked during use. It may be turned on, transmit signals, and perform other duties. It can, for example, replace the old plug-in DC power supply, AC power supply, audio plug, RJ45, and so on. Pogo Pins can be soldered to the PCB or fixed to the product structure, which requires experienced design engineers to solve.

Pogo Pin Application

-To avoid disrupting the processing and water leakage, the thimble arrangement should take the edge distance between the thimble and the water delivery channel into account.

-Given the ejector pin’s exhaust function, the ejector pin should be situated where a vacuum may easily form to discharge the ejector. For example, despite the minor packing force of the rubber component, a vacuum tends to form at the large plane of the hollow, increasing the release force.

-When spraying plastic items with appearance criteria, do not place the thimble on the design surface; instead, use other spray methods.

-The thimble cannot be placed in a transparent plastic portion that must transmit light.

-Use a thimble with a wider diameter and sufficient injection places; a thimble with a greater diameter and size desired should be utilized.

-The thimble should be as small as possible in size and should be sized to reduce size and size, and whenever possible, the desired size series should be utilized.

-The thimble chosen should meet the ejection strength criteria. The thimble should be under a lot of pressure during ejecting. When the thimble’s diameter is less than 2.5MM, the thimble should be chosen to avoid bending deformation of the little thimble.

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