Interesting facts from various sports

The first TV broadcast of a football match
In 1947, it was the first live television broadcast of a football match, it was a match of the English Cup final.

Didier Drogba – An interesting nickname in childhood
Didier Drogba had the nickname Tito as a kid. His mother gave him that nickname because she was delighted with the Yugoslav Marshal.

Boxing match without punches
In 1870, British boxer Jim Myce and American Joe Caburn fought for exactly three hours and 48 minutes, without a single blow counting as a point.

Drop shot
In the beginning of tennis, a drop shot was considered an unfair shot and was below the gentleman’s part.

A marathon that lasted over 54 years
At the 1912 Olympics, Japanese marathoner Shizo Kanakuri withdrew from the race and returned home because he fell ill. He forgot to report it to the organizers, and since he did not report the disappearance and did not go through the finish line in Sweden, he was listed as missing. However, in 1966, he was found and contacted by the Swedish national television, which offered him to finish the race – which Schizo accepted. He officially finished the marathon with a time of 54 years, 8 months, 6 days, 5 hours, 32 minutes and 20 seconds.

Leo Yashin – a little on the football, a little on the hockey goal
At the beginning of his career, when the winter came, the famous football goalkeeper Lav Yashin moved to the hockey section of his club (Dinamo Moscow) and scored on their goal.

Perugia – Undefeated season, but also titles

Italian Perugia finished the 1979 season undefeated. She had 19 draws and 11 wins. Believe it or not, she wasn’t the first. The winner was Milan who had three defeats. Perugia is the only team in the history of Serie A that finished the season undefeated and did not take the title.

Garin’s shorter left leg

The famous Brazilian football player Garincha was born with a deformity of the spine, which is why his left leg was 6 centimeters shorter than his right, and the operation did not help him correct the deformity. Fate wanted him to turn his handicap into an advantage, because with an atypical attitude, “crossed” feet and “crooked” legs, he was actually unpredictable and elusive to his rivals.

Shavarsh Karapetyan – Champion and hero
Swimmer Shavarsh Karapetyan was finishing his daily swimming routine of 15 km, when he saw a bus falling into the water. He dived to a depth of 10 meters and saved 20 people, one by one. He also set a world record 11 times, was world champion 17 times, European champion 13 times, and Soviet Union champion 7 times.

Julian Draxler – On the field only until 11 p.m.

Julian Draxler was almost absent from Schalke for the quarter-final match of the Champions League in 2011 between Schalke and Inter because he was less than 18 at the time. In Germany, minors are forbidden to work after 11 pm, so the match by any chance went into overtime (fortunately not, it ended around 10:30 pm), the state of Germany would sue Schalke and Draxler himself for breaking the law.

Eidur Gudjonesn – From the bench as a replacement for his father
Eidur Gudjonsen, an Icelandic national football team player, entered the game in one match of the national team by replacing his own father.

Giuseppe Reina – House by year of the contract

Giuseppe Reina played for Arminia Bielefeld from 1996 to 1999, and for each year of his contract, the club had to build him one house. They say that Reina made the only mistake because he did not condition the construction with square footage.

Santiago Canizares – No World Cup due to injury in the bathroom
Spanish goalkeeper Santiago Canizares missed the 2002 FIFA World Cup in Japan and South Korea because he injured himself in the bathroom a few days before the start of the championship by falling a bottle of perfume on his leg and making a deep cut on his thumb.

Brooke and Robin Lopez – Cats as Obstacles to Living Together
Brothers Brooke and Robin Lopez, while playing for NBA teams from New York, did not live together because their cats are hated.

Golf – Forbidden for women

The word GOLF is an abbreviation for “Gentleman Only, Ladies Forbidden” or in translation “Only for gentlemen, forbidden for ladies”, because in Scotland this sport was initially forbidden for women.

The award ceremony for Darko Pancev was delayed
Darko Pancev is the winner of the “Golden Boot of Europe” as the best scorer in all European national championships in the 1990/91 season with 34 goals, which was not awarded to him then, because UEFA declared the then Yugoslav championship unofficial due to sanctions against FR Yugoslavia.

The award was presented to him 15 years later on August 3, 2006, in Skopje by the President of the European Football Federation Michel Platini in the presence of the Vice President of the Federation Jean-Louis Valentina, the editor of the French sports magazine “Team” Jean-Philippe Leclerc, Dragan Dzajic and Dragan Stojkovic .

Charles Barkley – The lowest player in the history of the NBA League with the title of the best jumper

Charles Barkley is the lowest player in NBA league history to win the title of the best jumper.

Team Duncan – Champion in swimming as well
Basketball player Tim Duncan was once the champion in swimming in his homeland, the Virgin Islands. He swam until 1989 when a hurricane destroyed the swimming pool, so Tim decided to dedicate himself to basketball.

Establishment of Liverpool

The famous football club Liverpool was created “by accident”. Everton played at Anfield for eight years, and then quarreled with the boss and owner of the famous stadium, so he moved to Goodison Park. And that owner, John Holding, decided that his stadium “doesn’t boil” empty, so he founded the Liverpool football club.

Roman Abramovich – “Dostoevsky does not owe anyone anything.”
Connoisseurs of the character and work of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky know that he was a passionate gambler, as evidenced by his novel of the same name.

For a part of his life, Dostoevsky lived and worked in Wiesbaden, Germany, and going to the casino was his daily ritual.

The story that Dostoevsky remained indebted for today’s 240,000 euros was circulating in that casino. Until 2013, there was a sign: “In this casino, F.M. Dostoevsky, he remained indebted so much and so much… ”However, the owner of Chelsea, Roman Abramović, called the mentioned casino. He gallantly “regulated” the entire debt and explained his action with the following words: “Dostoevsky does not owe anyone anything. Takedown that shameful board. ”

India – No participation in the World Cup
India refused to participate in the World Cup in Brazil in 1950, although it won that right in the qualifications because the leaders of the FIFA national team of that country did not allow the matches to be played barefoot.

The last Olympic Games at which gold medals were awarded
The 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm were the last to feature gold medals made of gold. From then until today, gold medals contain a mix of 93 percent silver and six percent gold, while the remaining one percent, exactly six grams, falls on the finalization of the medal with the purest possible gold.

Table tennis is bad for eyesight ?!
Table tennis was banned in the USSR from 1930 to 1950 because it was believed that the sport was harmful to eyesight.

Mark and Pau Gasol – The only brothers who traded for each other
Spanish basketball players Mark and Pau Gasol are the only brothers in the history of the NBA league who were traded for each other.

The first hockey puck
The first hockey puck ever used in a game was actually a piece of frozen cow dung.

Valentina Terješkova – The first woman in space and a fan of Zvezda
Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space, had a Red Star fan membership card, which she received on one occasion during her visit to Sofia, where she met with the President of the Star to mark the Day of Bulgaria.

Scotty Pippen – Almost gave up basketball
Legendary basketball player Scotty Pippen almost gave up basketball in college. The reason – is poor nutrition.

Hair coloring of Romanian football players
After the 2: 1 victory over England in the group stage of the World Cup in France in 1998, all the players of the Romanian national team dyed their hair yellow for the next match.

Serbian Super League in football 2007/08.

The Super League has changed its format this season. Unlike the 2006/07 season. the league was no longer divided into playoffs and playoffs after 22 rounds played. Instead, each of the 12 teams played three times with each, with the schedule of play in the last third round determined by the placement after the first two rounds were completed.

Partizan was the first.

It is interesting that Red Star was second, did not lose a single game, gave the most goals, and conceded the least.

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