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Improve the Control of Your Outdoor Lighting

Streamline your outdoor lighting management with the versatile and user-friendly 7 Day Heavy Duty Digital Programmable Outdoor Timer Dual Outlet BN-LINK. This cutting-edge device empowers you to effortlessly customize and automate your outdoor lighting settings, ensuring convenience, energy efficiency, and enhanced home security. With its advanced features and durable construction, the BN-LINK outdoor timer for lights is a must-have accessory for homeowners seeking efficient and reliable lighting control.

Versatile Programming for Optimal Control

Harness the power of the BN-LINK outdoor timer to create up to 8 personalized on/off programs for the device’s two grounded outlets. Whether you need precise control over lighting schedules for security or ambiance, this timer offers unparalleled flexibility. Each outlet can be independently programmed, allowing you to establish unique schedules and lighting routines tailored to your specific needs. From accentuating architectural features to illuminating the landscape, the BN-LINK timer ensures your outdoor lighting operates seamlessly.

Effortless Set-Up and Convenient Features

Setting up the BN-LINK outdoor timer is a breeze. Simply configure your desired on/off programs and choose between individual days or pre-set combinations to suit your preferences. The timer’s intuitive interface and user-friendly controls make it easy to navigate and personalize your lighting schedule. Additionally, the timer’s Daylight Savings mode simplifies the transition between seasonal time changes with just the press of a button. Thanks to its long-lasting backup battery, your programmed settings remain intact, even during power outages.

Promote Home Security with BN-LINK:

Safeguard your home with the BN-LINK outdoor timer’s ingenious “Random” Vacation mode. By activating this feature, you can create the illusion of an occupied home while you’re away. The timer randomly adjusts your programmed lights, simulating the presence of activity and deterring potential intruders. Never worry about leaving your property unattended again, as BN-LINK ensures your home appears lived-in and protected at all times.


Upgrade your outdoor lighting control with the 7 Day Heavy Duty Digital Programmable Outdoor Timer Dual Outlet BN-LINK. Its unparalleled versatility, user-friendly operation, and advanced features bring convenience, energy efficiency, and enhanced security to your outdoor lighting system. With BN-LINK, you have the power to customize your lighting schedules, enjoy effortless set-up, and protect your home even when you’re away. Invest in BN-LINK today and take control of your outdoor lighting like never before.

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