Bicycle gift stolen then recovered by CPD officers

Last year Officer Jeff Derico, from the Clarksville Police Department and representing the New Providence Community Policing Center (NPCPC), presented a bicycle to Larissa Taylor and her 17-year-old daughter, Amber Sky Yoho. Taylor and her daughter qualified for a bicycle, due to their circumstances. Their main source of transportation had been their feet and the bus until they were given the bicycle. (See original release below)

Amber contacted Officer Jeff Derico stating that the bicycle was stolen on May 22. She gave him a photo of her bike and he made it his mission to find it. Yesterday, May 28, Officer Derico spotted the bike but by the time he got his vehicle turned around to locate it, it was already gone from its previous location.

Officer Derico gave the description and last known location of the bike over the police radio so that other Officers could join in on the search. After the information had been put out on the radio, Officer Ivan Szczerbiak spotted a juvenile riding a bike. After Officer Szczerbiak had made contact with the juvenile, it was determined that he was not the suspect who stole the bike, but he was willing to give it back to its rightful owner.

Officers Derico and Szczerbiak not only brought the stolen bike back to Ms. Taylor and Amber, but they also bought a brand new one with a security cable and lock. Also, they took photos of both bikes and recorded the serial numbers, as they were advised by the Officers. Ms. Taylor and Amber were very excited, and both had bikes for transportation to go to the store and run various errands for their family. We left them with huge smiles on their faces.

The New Providence Community Policing Center along with Goodwill Industries and other local organizations that support it continues to assist families in need in so many ways. And Officers Derico and Szczerbiak are a credit to the NPCPC, the Clarksville Police Department, and the City of Clarksville. Way to go NPCPC and CPD!

Photo 5126 Left to Right: Officer Ivan Szczerbiak, Amber Sky Yoho, Larissa Taylor, and Officer Jeff Derico

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